Our Story

My business partner and I are professionals in the medical field. Problematic sewer systems existed in our nursing home and others within the company, both new and old. The difficulty in finding competent, consistent, and fair help from contract plumbers was significant. We came across a jet-a-rooter service/small company and were using their services. We were satisfied and impressed with their ability and timelines. These services abruptly ceased when the owner was significantly and seriously injured in a serious wreck. We were sorry to loose his service, and also wanted to help him. We purchased his business in Sept of 2011 and started Jet-a-line.Initially the equipment was used to service our existing nursing homes, but the vision was created to expand this service to the community and improve on the equipment, techniques, professionalism and standardization of this process. Blending the experience and knowledge of professional standards from the medical industry with a crucial labor service need has produced a company with a very different approach to a less than attractive trade.

Our team is energetic and eager to help the community needs, both residential and commercial. We have expanded into the camera inspection business and have invested in the newest technology in jetting machines, hoses, nozzles, and cameras to provide our customers with the best service product available. We offer hot jetting with piercing, flushing, scrubbing and descaling abilities. The investment into “hot Jetting” as opposed to cold jets, and camera inspection equipment is too large for most plumbers. Also the limited expertise and maintenance requirements of equipment make it unattractive to many plumbing professionals. We have committed to using quality equipment, carrying the proper insurance and educating our customers to know the difference between the “cheap” short cuts that may cause larger and more expensive repairs or harm down the road, and proper assessment and solution of problems.